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Pet Parrots Respond To Good Parrot Care In Every Way

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Parrots have long been an attraction for people in the wild and as pets. They are a stunning species and their range of colors, size and individual characteristics are admired by different parrot lovers. When owning a parrot one thing that parrot parents need to be sure of is their parrot care. Owning a parrot is no different than owning any pet, they need to be looked after correctly so that their health is maintained at all times.

The following is a list of basic needs for a pet parrot:

- The right size cage or aviary

- Regular cleaning of the cage or aviary so that no bacteria is going to harm the parrot

- The right type of food in their diet with consideration to the right mix of food

- Feeding at the right time for a parrot

- Water for bathing which should only be in the cage for a short time for the parrot to give itself a quick wash down

- Water for drinking as this is quite separate to bathing water or alternatively mist spray the bird once a day

- Suitable perches for the bird, one that is the right size and tree branches are ideal so that they can pick at them as they like to do

- Toys to go in the cage for a parrot to play with so that it will not get bored

- Good perch for the parrot to use outside the cage

- Cover for the parrot when it goes to sleep at night

When the 'basics' of parrot care is covered the parrot owner will find that they have a very happy parrot and not only will the parrot be happy, the owner will find the parrot is more acceptable to being taught to talk and to do tricks. A stressed parrot is not going to learn. Not very different from humans really! We don't learn well when we are stressed, either.

At first it seems like a lot of work, but once you are organized it won't seem to be so difficult. They are reliant on the owner doing all the right things to make sure their life within the family confines is a happy one. Companionship Parrots are birds that enjoy living in a flock so in a home situation the parrot is going to consider the family its flock and for this reason it is important that there is a lot of interaction between the bird and the family. Once familiarity is built it is easy to tell when a parrot is unhappy and parrot owners can take steps to do something about that as the parrot may need toys or more company.

It is advisable that when small children are going to be around an uncaged parrot that there is adult supervision, especially with the bigger parrots. In saying that I have some lovely photos of my small children holding feed trays out to parrots and the experience was enjoyed by all.

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