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fish dying help!

25 9:55:09

please help my female guppy is upside down on the bottom of her 19litre tank she lives with 2 male guppys and 2 feeder fish and 1 female guppy please help!!
sorry if my writing doesnt make sense but im in a hurry

I'm sorry about your guppy.  How long have the fish been together?  What is your water's pH, hardness, salinity, ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, etc.?  Could the other fish have harmed/bothered the guppy? Does the guppy have any discoloration, spots, or blemishes?  My health page is at and may get you started on figuring out what is going on.  Female guppies often get sick after having babies.  Has she had babies?  My page on general treatment when you don't know what's wrong is at

Good luck!