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Identifying my pond fish

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Four Fish
We have four large fish in our little pond. We have always thought that they were just goldfish as they started out about 4 inches long. Some one has suggested that they could be koi and that they should be in a much bigger pond. Are you able to identify them from the attached picture and how would I go about relocating them.

The large white fish is definitely a koi.  The small white one, I'm about 90% certain of being a koi.  The black and orange fish both appear to have the coloration of (shubunkin) goldfish and I can't see any barbels (although it may be due to the photo).  I'd have to say that unless you see barbels on the three smallest fish, they are all goldfish.  Both koi and goldfish are carp, and not very different from one another.  It is recommended that you have 500 gallons for every adult koi, but very few people actually observe that rule very strictly.  Those fish would all probably be content with anything over 500 gallons.