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Help with building patio pond.

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I live near St. Louis, Missouri and I have been wanting to build a fish pond on my patio myself. I have outlined the basic idea in the attached image. I would like it to be about 4ft by 4ft, or slightly bigger based on how the bricks lay, and 2ft deep. This would mean about 200-300 gallons. The patio is brick and the house is brick as well. I need some help on how to get started. I have done some research but i have found nothing to help with building a pond on a patio. As shown in the image, i would like to place it in the corner of the patio where the two sides of the house meet for two reasons; first, there is an electrical outlet there, and second, it wouldn't interfere with the normal flow of foot traffic.  

What i need help with is details about how to get started on the construction and how do i figure out what i need. Also, help with finishing touches regarding having some fish and plants in the pond as well would be appreciated.

The steps:
1) Exacavate the area 6Ft X 6ft and 3 ft deep.
2) Pour concrete in the pit upto 9 inches
3) Then construct a brickwall of 1 ft thickness on all 4 sides( on one of side put a inlet pipe from 6inches from bottom of concrte( 50mm size pipe) on the side opposite put another pipe of 63mm this will help in purification of the pond.
4) At the joint of wall and the concrete put a wire mesh and apply plaster on it.
5) Lay tiles on the wall.
6)Connect the top pipe to a pump of .33hp and pump is connected to filter and from filter connect to UV . it always better to have filter system if you want a good pond.