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pond trouble

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Me and my husband just bought a home with a pond already existing in the backyard, our first week in the home we notice with all the rain we are getting that the back yard is flooding and the pond is overflowing, I went back to inspect it to find the water black and smelling pretty bad, i guess it was not covered for the winter, there were alot of leaves in it and most likely along the bottom as well, I did my best to remove as many as possible..also it has a filter set up but we can not figure out how to see if it works, when we plug it in nothing not sure what to do since there was no instructions on how to opperate the pond from the previous owners..any suggestions?


filter nodes
There ought to be filter with a pump.
Before starting the filter remove all the leaves and debris.
Once you plug in the pump should start and then put filter on backwash mode.
Once the water of backwash is Ok you put in filter mode.
I am attaching a picture of filter and operation.