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cloudy water after adding ph7.5

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Hi hope you can help, have a 400 gallon fish pond,with a decent pump and fliter, the water was clear  but after putting some new stock of small goldfish in 50% have died.went to my local aquatics centre, who tested the water and recommended adding ph7.5.  i added this yeaterday and now the water is that cloudy i cant see anything, will this clear on its own or do i need to add something to counter act this.  cheers Carol

Hey Carol, it should clear by itself, keep running your pump and filter. Sometimes these small goldfish at pet stores are feeders and not very healthy to begin with. I don't buy the PH thing. I have never even tested my water and I have 4 garden ponds and 2 salt water aquariums and I have had fish for years.My water is green in my pond, I don't even have a filter. Goldfish are low maintenance fish. They are basically carp.You just need to clean the bottom of the pond at the beginning of the year to get all the waste at the bottom of the pond out. And you should have no more than 8 goldfish in a 400 gallon pond. This will give you some room when they breed. Hope this helps Eric.