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How to Make a Bird House for Doves

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How to Make a Bird House for Doves

How to Make a Bird House for Doves. Doves prefer shallow nests made from twigs and pine needles on ledges and limbs. Nests are between five and 25 feet off the ground and hold two white eggs. Both parents take part in incubating the eggs for two weeks and feeding them for another two weeks before they fledge. Providing nesting areas for doves helps combat habitat loss and increases their chance of survival.

A safe habitat increases the dove’s natural lifespan by up to three years.

Things Needed

  • 12-inch square of Number 10 stainless steel wire mesh with .025 wire diameter
  • Wire cutters
  • Roll of fine stainless steel wire

Step 1

Trim the edges of the wire to make a 12-inch diameter circle.

Step 2

Cut out one small wedge in the wire using the wire cutters.

Step 3

Roll the circular wire into a cone the largest end 10 to 12 inches in diameter.

Step 4

Wire the cone into place using the stainless steel wire.

Step 5

Fold back about one inch of the largest end to make a smooth surface. This prevents the doves from getting injured if they bump the opening of the wire cone.

Step 6

Wedge the cone in a sturdy branch in tree and secure it in place using the stainless steel wire.


  • Place one nesting site for each bird every one-quarter acre to reduce stress for territorial doves.
  • Most hardware stores carry stainless steel mesh.
  • Use the smallest wire gauge that you can find.
  • Wire natural pine branches around the outside of the cone, making it cozier and naturally pest free.


  • Don't place the nesting cone in the path of predators or too closely to feeding stations.
  • Don't use large gauge wire or wire that baby birds could get their feet through to prevent leg injury.


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