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How To Care For Small Breed Dogs

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You may be pleased to learn that looking after a small dog isn't that difficult. Nevertheless, there are some adjustments that will need to be made to ensure their small dogs needs are met. Listed below are just some of the normal daily routines that will need to be amended to suit a tiny canine.

Food considerations
Some of the standard size food you may provide a larger dog ma not be suitable to a smaller breed. You have to ensure that the kibble is convenient to be used by his minute mouth and these are easily procurable among some of the premium brands of dog food. Canned soft foods are also perfectly suitable for tiny canines.

How to contain your pet
Most dogs just require a properly fenced in yard for them to be safe - well that's what the general belief is. However, fencing used to contain a larger dog may have spaces below or in between for the smaller dog to pass through and escape. It may seem bizarre but it has been know for very large birds to actually take tiny dogs from their gardens. A simple answer to this problem is to construct an enclosed play area which should stop this from happening.

Getting your pet to obey your commands
Though teaching larger dogs is as easy or as hard as their tinier counterparts, according to pet experts, it is common to find the diminutive canines are thoroughly smothered to be taught any discipline.

Small dogs don't think any differently to their larger cousins and believe they are part of the pack where you are their leader but if you show signs of weakness they will start ruling you. Getting them house trained is just as important too even though their mess might not be as great, this is still an important issue that must be dealt with.

Dogs are naturally working creatures with many types bred purely for this function so this should also refer to your pet too. Before you reward him with a treat or with his meal for having obeyed your commands, make his sit or run or do small tricks.

Keep in mind that grooming a small dog is slightly different to larger ones and cater for this. Firstly, as they do not get the same type of outdoor exercise that a larger dog does whereby their nails are trimmed automatically, tiny dogs require their nails trimmed on a more regular basTiny canines do not get the same sort of regular outdoor exercise on rough surfaces that controls their nail growth like a larger dog so they will need to be trimmed more often.

If you want to ensure they have healthy teeth and gums you will have to brush them at least a couple of times each week as their main diet will consist of soft food from a can. The above makes it clear that it does not matter whether you are taking care of a small dog or a large dog the methods are pretty much the same. The differences may seem like minor details, but paying attention to them can make a big impact when it comes to meeting your pet's special needs.