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Homemade Bird Perch

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Homemade Bird Perch

Homemade Bird Perch. Pet birds spend most of the day sitting on their feet, which is why they need strong and comfortable perches. Perches not only give them a resting spot, but also serve the purpose of providing a device to groom their beaks. Wooden bird perches are most commonly found, and can easily be made at home. Ideally, a perch should be comfortable, secure and easy to clean. No toxic material should be used for making one, as birds tend to chew them sometimes. A simple and neat bird perch can look professional and cost very little.

Homemade Wooden Perch

A bird perch should not be made from a very smooth material as the bird might have a difficult time maintaining its balance while sitting. For that purpose, wood is an excellent choice, as natural tree branches are ideal for sitting on due to the uneven bark texture. Bark is naturally a favorite chewing substance of any bird. A homemade wood perch is an economical choice for pet owners who cannot afford expensive pet toys. According to, wood from plum, apricot, nectarine and peach trees should not be used, as substances from these trees can be dangerous to birds.

Diameter of Perch

According to, the perch’s diameter should be in proportion to the size of the bird’s feet. Ideally, its feet should reach two thirds of the way around the perch’s circumference. If you are constructing more than one perch, get branches of various diameters so as to provide different sitting spots to the bird.


Cut a tree branch using a saw to a length that will just fit from side to side in your cage. For the project, you will also need two hanger bolts for each perch along with washers and wing nuts that fit the hanger bolt. Cut both ends of the branch neatly and keep the ends as flat as possible. This will help fit the perch neatly and tightly inside the cage. According to, a jig saw easily cuts branches neat and straight. However, you can use whichever tool you have for getting a straight cut. Clean the wood thoroughly using a nontoxic substance. With an electric drill or screwdriver, insert the hanger bolts into the end of the branch on both ends. Add a washer inside and outside the cage and secure using wing nuts.


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