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An African Grey Can Be A Pal For Life

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Having a parrot as a pet has at all times been something in the back of my mind. I have many childhood memories but my favourite one is visiting my aunt who had a parrot for a pet. The parrot was funny and immensely friendly. My husband died recently, I have been feeling down and impressively lonely. This had lead me to spend a lot of time looking at old pictures. More so, the ones of when I was a child and visiting my aunt to see her parrot. Remembering my child hood memories of the parrot made me think about purchasing one for myself.

Although, I did not know the first thing about caring for a parrot. Time and patience were the single things needed according to my aunt. I have many good qualities nevertheless patience is not one of them. With the correct care I knew a parrot would be the great pet for me. We could both become good friends and have lots of fun at the same time. The library would be the perfect place to swot up on how to look after pet birds.


There were several books in the library, all with fantastic, helpful information. It advised purchasing a big enough cage to allow the parrot to move around comfortably, to spread its wings. Every day, I would need to place paper at the bottom of the cage. This would catch all mess and food. Not a predicament, as I am a clean person anyway. The bird would also require toys to keep it enteratined as well as a perch to stand on. Don't forget the food and water bowls.

A few birds also like to take a wash in clean water so I should provide a small bird bath as well. Birds also love to eat more food than just seed. It needs a varied diet to get all vitmians and nutrients. Fruits, vegetables, meats and grains are what parrots like, with a constant supply of fresh water.After reading the book, I realised that keeping a parrot is not simple work. This didn't put me off purchasing one though, more than ever when I found out it had the potential to talk. Apparently vocal contact is extremely important, that was ok with me as sometimes I never shut up.

The next day, I went to the pet shop. A helpful assistant said he had just what I wanted, a stunning African gray. The assistant also gave me lots of other advice such as not to feed them avocado as this can directly kill them. To cut a long story short, I ended up buying everything. The bird, cage, toys, bowls and couple of more books.Dolly is the name of my new parrot and she is such a fantastic friend. We bonded straight away and I can't imagine life without her. The internet was a great source of help for me. From the internet, I learned how to keep them bright to what to do if they were ill.