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Homemade Indoor Bird Cages

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Homemade Indoor Bird Cages

Homemade Indoor Bird Cages. Birds are considered one of the most popular choices in pets due to their minimal grooming requirements and cost-effectiveness. However, it is a daunting task for bird owners to invest in a cage that fits the specific requirements of their pet bird so that its comfort and safety can be ensured. Although a more complex cage may be required for a large bird, homemade bird cages are perfect and easy to build for small birds such as budgies and sparrows.

Home for your pet bird

Things Needed

  • PVC pipes
  • PVC joints
  • T-style PVC joints
  • 90-dDegree PVC joints
  • Steel mesh
  • Wire cutters
  • Zip ties or steel wire

Step 1

Decide the dimensions of your cage according to the size of your bird, and cut your PVC pipes accordingly. A typical cage size for a small bird is 4 feet wide by 3 feet deep and 5 feet high, with a door gap that is 2 feet high and wide. The front of the cage will have to be secured by a horizontal stabilizing bar. For these specific dimensions, you will require four pieces of PVC that are 4 feet long and eight pieces of PVC that are 3 feet long. You will also need four 29.5-inch lengths of PVC for the main body of the cage and horizontal support bars for the door opening.

Step 2

Connect the 4-foot pipes and the 3-foot pipes using a three-way PVC joint to make an L shape for the base. Connect the other 4-foot and 3-foot pipes to make a rectangular frame. Repeat the process to make two rectangles.

Step 3

Connect the PVC pipes perpendicularly to the back of one of the rectangles. Attach two 29.5-inch pipes perpendicularly to the front of the same rectangle. Cap these together. Repeat the same process with the other rectangle frame and place over the top of the first one to complete the main frame of your cage.

Step 4

Create the door opening by attaching the 90-degree joints and the T-style joints. The T-style joints on the opening must point outward so that the PVC pipes can be connected to these. Connect this frame to the front of the cage.

Step 5

Cut the steel mesh according to your specific dimensions, using with the wire cutters, for the cage sides and front. Attach this mesh to the cage frame with wire or zip ties. Secure the mesh by using clips or wire so that the cage door can be easily closed and locked.

Step 6

For perches, you can collect twigs and strong branches from outside; peel off the bark so they have a cleaner look. Place these in the cage in a fashion that facilitates easier flying of the bird inside. It is better to place natural perches, as their uneven nature allows the bird to exercise its feet.


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