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Choosing A Pet Bird, Proper Bird Care And Right Bird Cages

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Many of us might have noticed that birds are most active in the morning and evenings. They are either searching for or eating food, or are talking to each other. There daily routine is very similar to that of humans and other creatures, and that's precisely the reason why birds are very popular as pets. Since most of us are living in urban areas, we have lost touch with nature and animals, unlike our forefathers who had a very strong connection with nature.

Parrots: Excellent as Pets
Parrots have always been excellent as pets since they are loving and affectionate by their very nature. They are also capable of imitating our speech, which attracts humans towards them even more. The pet birds and bird cages industry has been comprehensively changed due to hand rearing techniques, thus making the local pet bird supplier a very good source of knowledge during the process of change of pet bird ownership.

If you are looking to buy peach faces, canaries and budgerigars, pet shops are an extremely good place to go to, and be equally selective while buying bird cages. If you want hand reared pet birds, you should go to specialized bird shops. Make sure that you select only clean shops having healthy birds, and which come with a squeaky clean reputation.

Hand Reared Birds are Excellent Pets
Hand reared Parrots have proved to be extremely good pets. Larger birds create more noise and are more demanding compared to smaller birds. At the same time, they are more talkative and become better life long pets.

Intelligent, Quiet and Don't Bite
Most people like birds, which are intelligent, quiet, and don't bite. Just make sure you provide them with lot of space in bird cages. The popular pet birds include Grass Parrot, King Parrot, Regent, Princes Parrot, Kakariki and Budgerigar among others. Specialized bird shops will provide you with most varieties of pet birds and bird cages.

Budgies as Pets
If you are more than six years of age, you would love a Budgie as a pet bird, because they are superb as talkers and may turn out to be life long companions. If you have selected a young weaned Budgie, you will find they are easier to tame. A young Budgie can be easily identified due to the presence of black horizontal lines on their body from forehead towards the beak. There are no such horizontal bars in the older Budgerigars. Male Budgies are more popular as pets. But, when they are young, it is difficult to find out their sex. If the bird shop owner or staff is experienced, he or she will be able to choose the right male Budgie and right bird cages for the pets.

Cockatiel: Friendly and Relaxed
Cockatiels are also very popular as pet birds amongst youngsters. It is well renowned for its friendly and relaxed nature. It can start imitating speech very quickly. Again you need to select a young male bird. Male cockatiels can be easily identified due to their orange cheek patch. The tail patterns of male and female birds are different, so we can easily distinguish between the two. A female Cockatiel is not a popular pet bird due to egg laying activity and egg binding. You need to take great care till a young Cockatiel starts eating independently. These birds are known to be healthy, but they still require a regular health plan and spacious bird cages.