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Why Do All Of The Pets Want Oxyfresh’s Pet Oral Hygiene Solution?

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What is it?

Our Pet Oral Hygiene Solution is the most helpful remedy that stops bad breath in pets! The microorganisms that are the cause of pet bad breath and periodontal disease are actually proven to shorten your cat or dog’s life.

Just put a capful of Oxyfresh Pet Oral Hygiene Solution into your pet’s water dish, and you’ll notice a major difference in your pet’s breathe after a few short days. You may also spray the solution directly into your pet’s mouth.

Pet Oral Hygiene Solution with Oxygene is non toxic, and completely safe. It controls the bacteria that can cause bad breath in our pets, and continual use of the product can help your pet live a longer, improved life. proudly sells Pet Oral Hygiene solution in our online store, as well as numerous other pet products to keep your pet healthy and happy, no matter what your pet’s needs are.

Is It Completely Safe?

It is absolutely 100% safe for your pets. Pet Oral Hygiene Solution has been used to cure bad breath in pets for years, and has been proven to be incredibly effective when it is used as directed. We at use it to help with our pet’s bad breath continually.

What Ingredient Helps Stop the Bad Breath?

The key ingredient in Pet Oral Hygiene Solution is Oxygene. It's a special ingredient from Oxyfresh that aids in fighting odors and is in many of their pet products.

Is There an Odor?

Different from some of the other leading brand pet oral health products that use artificial flavoring to make their products more accepted by pets, the Oxyfresh pet products do not. The Pet Oral Hygiene Solution has a very minimal odor, but since it is diluted in water, animals never notices the odor. Even finicky cats have a very hard time smelling any odor in our products.

Can I Use More Than What is Recommended?

If you’ve accidentally used more than what is recommended, don’t worry. Our Pet Oral Hygiene Solution is completely safe, and does not contain any harsh chemicals. Some of our clients have reviewed that they use a slight amount more in their pet’s water bowl.

Can I Use It On Other Animals?

Absolutely; our products are safe for all types of animals to use, not just cats and dogs. Some animals that we have found that our customers use it on are birds, horses, and rabbits. They all can suffer from bad breath, so make sure to take care of their mouths.

Will It Take Long to Work?

The length of time that it takes to notice fresher breath on your pet depends on your pet’s oral hygiene beforehand. Usually, you will notice a healthier mouth and much fresher breath in your pet within 3-5 days. In some dogs, it may take a little longer, since they are such quick drinkers, and the Pet Oral Hygiene Solution does not get to stay in their mouths very long. Make sure to use the solution daily to notice a quicker change in your pet’s breath.

Remember, the effects are not permanent. You must use the Pet Oral Hygiene Solution for the span of the pet’s life to keep their mouth clean, and breath fresh. If you do stop use of the solution, your pet’s mouth will be at risk for periodontal disease, and the bad breath may return.

How Do I Order Pet Oral Hygiene Solution?

You can easily order your Pet Oral Hygiene Solution at our website, We are an Oxyfresh Independent Distributor. We sell the full line of Oxyfresh pet products on our website, as well as oral products for humans, personal and home products, and nutrition and weight loss products as well. is a website that is dedicated to providing healthy, life-improving products.

You will find the same great products on our website, as your dentist or veterinarian recommends to you, at prices 20-50% less than they sell them for.

We also offer a very high level of customer service; we want to be sure you receive you products in an excellent condition, as well as in a timely manner. We have been selling products online for over 7 years, and expect to sell our products for at least 70 more.