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Setting Up A Bird Cage For Your Pet Bird

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You have gotten your first real job after college and decide that it would be nice to get a pet. You are a couple of hours away from your parents and all you hold dear. Having a pet would give you some company, albeit not of the human variety. However, you are totally new to owning a bird. You don't know what kind of a bird cage you will need for your new bird. And will you have to have bird toys as well? You have a pretty good job now, but you were planning to save a good bit of it. How much is having a bird going to cost?

A bird cage will be the first thing that you need to buy. After all, your pet is going to need to live somewhere. You are going to want the biggest cage you can afford to get. This is where your bird will live, and he will want room to fly around. The bigger the bird, the more room you will need. Cages made of metal are easier to clean, and cleaning the cage is something you will have to do regularly. Before looking at bird cages, decide on the species of bird that you want. Different species of birds require different kinds of cages. Try to put your cage near a window so it can have sunlight and fresh air. However, you don't want to put your bird near any vents.

Perches are an important part of any bird cage. You will want to put a couple of perches in your bird cage so that your bird can have a variety of views. Multiple perches will also provide your bird with opportunities to exercise. You can find inexpensive ways to build perches yourself, such as little fruit tree branches or use some sturdy rope. One perch needs to be near the food and water containers.

Birds need to be stimulated regularly, and bird toys are one way to provide that stimulation. Like people, birds like new toys. However, that doesn't mean you'll have to buy new toys all the time. You can even recycle things you have around your home like old toilet paper rolls, strings of plastic beads or old gloves. Birds like playing with wooden balls or milk cartons. You can also try to put colorful things in a clear bottle, and watch your bird go crazy trying to get the bottle open. They'll love the challenge. You can even switch the toys out from time to time, that helps your bird keep from getting bored.

You don't want to leave your bird in their cage all the time. Birds like to be taken out and played with. Besides, enjoying your pet is the point of having a bird in the first place. So, to answer our question at the beginning of the article, you want a pretty good-sized bird cage. And you need bird toys, but they don't need to be expensive.