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Attract Interesting Birds To Your Yard With Platform Bird Feeders

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There are many types of bird feeders and one popular style is the platform bird feeder. It is the kind of feeder which looks like a tray that is slightly elevated or totally mounted off the ground.

There is a difference between a hanging bird feeder and a platform bird feeder. In the hanging type, the seeds are placed on its small openings. The platform feeder on the other hand is obviously like a platform wherein you can easily place or scatter the seeds on it.

Platform bird feeders can also be used if you want to prevent squirrels from attacking the feeder. You can mount it off the ground by hanging it or using a pole to elevate it and a squirrel baffel wherein squirrels will not be able to reach it. You can also put a screen on the feeder so that squirrels will have a hard time reaching the bird seeds.

This type of feeder caters to the birds which feeds on the ground such as towhees, doves, sparrows, and even to bigger birds such as jays and grosbeaks. Recently, the manufacturers of bird feeder have started building and selling platform feeders maybe because of the fact that this kind of feeder is very easy to build.

Building one for your backyard is quite an easy task. It only requires few materials such as wood, wood glue, nails or screws and paint. Here is a guideline on how to make a platform bird feeder.

1. Start cutting the wood in sizes such as 16 x 10 inches for the back, 10 x 10 inches for the bottom, 2 x 10 inches for the front, 12 x 12 inches for the roof, and 12 x 10 for the sides.

2. Next is to attach the cut pieces together. Nail, glue or screw the back of the feeder to the bottom feeder. Make sure to do it properly to avoid any accidents.

3. Attaching the sides of the feeder to the back and bottom woods is the next thing to do. You can do this by either using a glue or nails. The roof is the last piece to be attached.

4. Paint your feeder for aesthetic purposes. Since you'll be placing it in your back or front yard, beautifying the feeder is a must to serve as home decoration as well.

5. Place the feeder in your backyard by hanging or slightly elevating it from the ground.

The benefit of using a platform bird feeder is that it is very easy to mange. You can easily fill the feeder with bird seeds and it is very visible to the avian. Since most platform feeders are open, you won't have a hard time scattering the seeds on it. It is also very easy to clean compare to other types of feeders.

The downside of this one is that it can be easily attack by squirrels and other large birds. The seeds can also be easily blown off during windy days which are not a good thing. It can also be a source of illnesses if it is not properly cleaned.

If you want to avail of the platform bird feeder without the hassle of doing it yourself, you can try buying it online or even in the nearest pet shops on your block. There are different kinds of platform feeders nowadays. The manufacturers keep on updating it with new designs to keep it more useful.

Platform feeders are the simplest and most basic style among bird feeders, but it can be utilized with any types of food and commonly used by all bird feeders. In line with this, the platform feeder is indeed very versatile among all feeding techniques.