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How To Buy The Perfect Parrot Cage

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Buying a cage for your Parrot is not something you do, just off the top of your head. Finding the right Parrot cage is a very important part of the happiness and health of your large bird. Choosing the right cage will have a big impact on how happy and healthy your Parrot will be. The Parrot cage you decide to buy will depend in part on the size and breed of your bird.

For instance, Parrot breeds that are larger will need a much larger cage bird cage then those Parrots that are smaller in size. Our recommendation, to our customers, is that you buy a Parrot cage that will at least be double the size of the bird's wingspan. You won't go wrong with buying a Parrot cage that is larger and bigger than what you think you need. Most bird lovers make the mistake of buying the Parrot cage that is too small because they think they will save themselves some money. In the long run they will spend more money. After realizing that the cage is too small and will end up buying them much larger cage.

Bird owners usually recommend that you buy a Parrot cage as large as you can find on the market. Some pet shops are bird shops will recommend a bird cage that are too small, because they know that you are shopping for price. Don't fall into that bird scam. If you want your bird to be comfortable and have a comfortable environment then buy something that is bigger than what you think you will need. Knowing that you bought a large enough bird cage will give you some peace of mind.

One critical component to consider when buying a Parrot cage is to make sure that the bars are not spread out too far apart. If the bars are spread too far apart, the bird can get its head stuck between the bars. Also, make sure that the bars have no paint on them. Some large Parrots are capable of chipped the paint off and eating it.

What kind of shape should you buy?

Although some people think that the shape of the cage is for aesthetic purposes, it is not. The shape of the cage will depend on the kind of parrot that you have. For instance, if you have a small Parrot, they usually like to fly from side to side. So the length of the cage is more important than the height. Larger Parrots tend to like to climb, so having a taller cage would work better for them.

Final note , make sure you buy a bird cage that is easy to clean and has a easy slide out tray. This will allow you to change the cage at least once a week. Also make sure you find one with a large door for easy removal of food and water. If you follow our guide you will be a happy and healthy Bird owner.