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Ways to Decorate a Bird Cage

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Ways to Decorate a Bird Cage

Ways to Decorate a Bird Cage. Decorating your bird cage can reduce your pet's stress and create a healthier environment for it. Ask a veterinarian or pet store associate about the optimal living conditions for your breed of bird. Most birds require ample cage size to move around and fly, even if they live alone. Do not place so many decorative items into or around the cage that your bird's ability to fly or move around is affected.

You can place non-toxic plants and flowers near or in your bird's cage.


Select toys that are appropriate for your bird to place inside of the bird cage. Most toys are labeled with the types of birds that can use the toy. Consider the bird's overall cage size as well. Two to three toys should be ideal. Mirrors and toys made of wood are usually well received by many types of birds. Immediately remove toys that are broken from the cage. Replace the toys in the cage once or twice a month to decrease boredom, which can prompt feather plucking.


Place potted plants around the bird cage. Smaller plants can also be placed inside the cage. Avoid plants that grow from bulbs or plants that are holiday-themed, such as mistletoe and poinsettias, as these plants are usually toxic to birds. Bamboo is ideal, and other plants in the eucalyptus or jade families may be safe. Speak to a veterinarian or pet store associate before you place any plants in or near your bird's cage, to determine whether those plants are safe for your bird.


Place treats inside the bird's cage. Many treats, such as seed bars held together with honey, are labeled and sold for parakeets, parrots, finches, canaries and other birds in most pet stores. Place treats near your bird's feeder dish. The dish should be kept in a place where it is unlikely to be contaminated with droppings. Do not place treats near the bottom of the cage or directly beneath a perch or swing, also to avoid droppings.


Select wooden perches for your birds. You should have a variety of different perch sizes in the cage. Guidelines should be included on the perches you purchase, which will indicate the appropriate perch sizes for different types of birds. Ask a pet store associate or a veterinarian about optimal perch sizes if you are uncertain.

Items to Avoid

Do not decorate the bird cage with items like paint, glitter or ribbon. These items could be lethal to your pet or could cause your animal to choke if ingested. If you are uncertain about an item, or if your bird is showing signs of illness such as not eating or loose droppings, remove the item from the cage and contact a veterinarian.


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