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Is It Possible Past Pets Cursed Bideawee In Wantagh Ny?

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Is Bide-A-Wee in Wantagh NY Cursed? (I can not say for certain this is all true. Many will argue Animals do not have Souls!)

I worked at Bide-A-Wee as a part of the grounds keeping staff for almost five years, from 1990 to 1994. I have many fond memories of my time there! It was my first real job.For years after I moved on I regularly returned to visit the Friends I had made while working there.

A few years ago I returned to find Tim Bourne the man who was my Boss and good friend the years I worked at Bide-A-Wee was no longer there! Tim Bourne was a Manager at Bide-A-Wee in Wantagh for over 20 years! When I heard Tim was no longer there. Myself and many others knew it was the end of Bide-A -Wee in Wantagh as Tim was the Bide-A-Wee of Wantagh!

Soon after Tim's departure from Wantagh Bide-A-Wee the Animal Hospital closed! Now the BideAWee Adoption Center is closing its Doors. Some may say it is just a coincidence and Tim could not have done anything to stop the problems that happened!

I say Tim not being there is the reason these problems occurred! Tim had an incredible knack for bringing all three departments of Bide-A-Wee together. Whether it was for a Softball game at the School across the street after work or a Bide A Wee Staff night out, He made us all more then just co workers He made us all a family! He was the Heart and Soul of BideAWee in Wantagh. A body can not function with out its heart and without its Soul, why would it want to?

Ever since BideAWee of Wantagh let Tim go it has been as if the place has been cursed, I believe it is! There are Hundreds of Animals buried at the Bide-A-Wee of Wantagh and Tim took care of them for over 20 years.

Tim ran the Cemetery at Bide A Wee in Wantagh Honorably and many loved him. Losing a pet is very difficult for anyone, But some how Tim made it easier for people to get threw this tuff time! When the Scandal of pets not being buried at the Pet Cemetery in Middle Island NY happened in the early 90's there was almost no one who was worried that something similar may have happened at BideAWee of Wantagh, Because everyone knew Tim would never allow something like that to happen there!

I believe the Souls of all the Animals at Bide-A-Wee of Wantagh can no longer rest and the place is now suffering from a curse! These Animals buried at BideAWee of Wantagh long for the man who made sure they were buried properly and helped ease the pain of their owners when they past!

Bide-A-Wee needs to do what ever it can to get Tim Back! They need to beg, plead and bargain! I believe once BideAWee of Wantagh has Tim back the Souls of the Animals buried there will once again be able to rest and the Curse will be lifted. Then Watch how quickly things turn around, I just Hope Bide-A-Wee does what it must before the curse spreads to the rest of the Bide A Wee Locations!

This Story is dedicated to the Memory of Red the Cat (Bide A Wee Mascot) By LJ James