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Bird Feeders - Homemade Ones For The Winter

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You can make your own unique pinecone feeder ornaments or just use suet cakes cut into four small squares. Punch a hole through the middle of the squares and string through, placing the homemade garland on the branches of a tree in your yard. This will bring feathered friends into your yard through the winter.


You can, also, try making homemade garland from popcorn, dried fruit and other treats popular with birds. Millet sprigs are very decorative and tasty decorations for trees. You can think of other treats for these visitors, always, keeping in mind their health and safety. The birds will love you for it.

But a real unique idea that is fun for a group exercise is creating a snowman for birds. Start with three snowballs as usual. But, then, use birdseed and other bird food for the snowman's details. Hair can be created from dangling millet while suet logs and corn cobs can be used to create a smile. Thistle seeds and black sunflowers can be used to sprinkle on top of the head. Suet balls or seed cakes can be used for eyes and a nose while dried sunflowers can be used to make ear muffs. Tasty buttons can be made out of seed ornaments. The finishing touches of the snowman could be made out of branches. These would be an ideal place to perch while the birds are feeding. They, definitely, would be an attraction for all kinds of birds making winter as cheerful with the chirping of birds as the warmer months.