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How to Kill Mites in Caged Birds

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How to Kill Mites in Caged Birds

How to Kill Mites in Caged Birds. Mites which infect your bird are a major problem for many bird owners. These small insects will make your bird extremely uncomfortable and have been known to bite humans. It is important you treat your bird immediately if you notice a mite infestation. Mites can be particularly dangerous to chicks, so you should be extra cautious with young birds. Be sure to treat your infected bird and take preventative measures as well to discourage any future mite outbreaks.

Birds will be restless and preen excessively if they are suffering from a mite infestation

Things Needed

  • Olive oil
  • Mite killing product with moxidectin
  • Water
  • Carbaryl-based bug killer dust

Step 1

Massage olive oil into the infected areas on your bird. Be careful to avoid getting liquid in or down the bird's nostrils. Do this daily until the mites are gone.

Step 2

Find a mite killing product which has moxidectin as the active ingredient if you don't feel the olive oil method is working effectively. Ask your vet or pet store sales assistant to help you find the product that will work best for your bird species.

Step 3

Check the bird seed you are using to make sure it isn't infected. If it is, you will see the small mites moving around in the seed. Discard if it is infected and keep all bird feed indoors to prevent infection.

Step 4

Wash your bird feeder daily and move your bird cage to a new area if you think the area is infected. Dust infected areas in your bird's cage with carbaryl-based bug killer to prevent further outbreaks.


  • Always check with a vet if you cannot treat your bird of mites on your own.
  • Be careful not to use toxic products near your birds.


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