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Simple And Effective Tips To Get Chicken Protection

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Chickens are wonderful creature and always on a relentless march for their food. They mostly eat bugs and slugs which usually feast on your vegetables and flowers. However, these chickens can also wreak major havoc to your garden. They love digging hollows in the soil and also take dirt baths. While digging dirt may not seem harmful initially but they can destroy your vegetable and other plants which were lovingly planted by you. In this you there are few tips that you can follow in order to repel chickens and save your garden. Here in this article we will discuss these tips to give your garden chicken protection.

Make a Chicken House

The best way to get chicken protection is by confining your chickens to their chicken run or chicken house. This is the simplest and also the most direct way of keeping your little chickens from mingling with your plants. If you provide enough room for your chicken which should be ideally 1 to 2 square feet per chicken, they will be not only safe but also perfectly happy. This will also act as an animal deterrent and save your chickens from night animals.

Plant Closely


Another most popular and simple chicken-repelling idea is to plant your vegetable and plants very close together, and without leaving any open spaces between two items. By this chickens will not get easy access between your plants and then there will be no open spaces of dirt where chickens can dig and scratch, so they will no longer be interested in your garden and you will get easy chicken protection.

Motion activated sprinkler

If night animals are also your problem along with your chicken then the best option for you would be motion activated sprinkler. Anytime a night animal or chickens goes too close to the field or farm, the sprinkler will turn on and will give them a wet bath. Mostly night animals and chickens don't like to get wet, so this will keep them away. With this you get best animal deterrent for night animals and also chicken protection.

These were some simple tips that you can follow to keep your chickens away from your garden. But just because you want your chickens to stay from your garden doesn't mean that you can't share garden scraps or clippings with them. These can give your little chickens a very healthy dose of fiber and also vitamins, while it will also recycle your garden waste into rich chicken manure which you can use to fertilize your soil.