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Things To Remember In Taking Care Of Your Cat’s Teeth

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Just like us, our pet cats also needs proper dental care, for as they grow older is when they will experience dental problems. This is when they will most likely to experience broken teeth, inflamed gums, periodontal disease and cavities. Listed below are a few of the many things to remember in taking care of your pet cat’s teeth.
An annual check-up to your vet is a sure fire in keeping your cat free from dental problems. It is a normal move of almost all vets to put your cat under anesthesia to conduct an examination on their teeth. This examination lets the vet know any teeth related issue on your cats including any broken or missing teeth, decay, or halitosis. If any of these issues are detected, it will be your prerogative if you will take care of it at home or not.
Aside from going to the vet, you can also check your pet’s teeth on your own. Simply pull back your cat’s lip carefully and examine thoroughly of any signs of damage teeth, yellowish or brownish build up, reddish or irritated gums.
One can also purchase a cat specialized toothbrush and toothpaste from their nearest pet store and start brushing your pet’s teeth in as early as they are still kittens, for it will be more easy for them to get used to it. However, older cats are can also easily adjust if you will do it as a routine.
Protect your cats from tartar as if it starts to accumulate, it will cause irritation, inflammation, or bleeding along your pet’s gum line. You can reduce your cat’s tartar by feeding with a balanced diet of hard and soft or canned foods. You can also give them some crunchy treats and toys like a sisal rope ball as it will be of great help in eliminating the buildup of plaque and tartar.
Now, if you are up for a challenge, you can also rinse your cat’s mouth, but not should work as a substitute for brushing. This act is recommended for older cats with an existing dental problem.
If in some cases you feel like your cat has serious dental problem, contact your vet immediately.
It is important to take note that when brushing your cat’s teeth, it would be better if you will brush several teeth at first and increase by time, but make sure that you are brushing them all after 14 days. If ever you have a hard time do the brushing daily, you can do it twice a month, as this is also acceptable. Cat owners must also be reminded that at age 2, 90 percent of them are already suffering from periodontal disease and human toothpaste must not be used.
It is important that as a pet owner, you must be very vigilant on their health especially when it comes to teeth problems. One must not ignore any teeth related issue, as it may lead into serious health problems.