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A Top Cat Needs Good Cat Nutrition And Indulgent Grooming

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The most popular breed of cat is the Persian. They are a gentle breed, and they are cute and adorable. They are one of the most beautiful breeds and cat owners tend to spoil them. Cat owners will tell you that no one actually owns a cat; they choose to live with you. Kittens and cats love to play and are affectionate, bringing with them their own individual character and personality.

Persian cats have been in Europe since 1614, but are originally from Iran (Persia). English people fell in love with these beautiful long haired cats with their silky fur and gorgeous bright eyes and snubbed nose. The colourings can vary with Persian cats, some are a smoky blue, others cream with silver or gold highlights; however it is the white Persian kitten with its bright blue eyes that received more attention, and are used quite a lot to advertise products on TV.

Talking about coats, all cats need regular grooming, however a Persian cat requires more grooming time than any other cat you have as a pet. Diet and a grooming routine will stop your cat from becoming overweight, and making the time to pamper a Persian cat with regular baths is necessary to keep him in good health.

Daily brushing with both a brush and comb is important, taking extra care around the face, wiping their eyes clean; remove all the knots that have accumulated. Cat nutrition for Persian cats as with any other breed of cat is essential to keep them in good health, feeding them on quality ingredients as a kitten, changing their pet diet to accommodate them as an adult cat will show when you look at their beautiful glossy fur coat.

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