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Dont Let Your Cat Get Fat!

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Cats, although very independent are also considerably affectionate and fun pets to have. Making sure your cat is healthy requires the simplest of upkeep. However, you do need to monitor the amount of food your cat consumes each and every day. If you allow them to, cats, in a similar manner to dogs, will eat as much as they possibly can. While they may well be particular about the kind of food you give them, they seem to have no self control over the actual quantity they eat. We all love to spoil our pets, making sure there is always more than adequate food available in their dish but feline obesity is fast becoming a problem on a grand scale. One of the main reasons that this obesity is such a problem is the fact that it predisposes cats to arthritis, diabetes, and even hepatic lipidosis, known as fatty liver. Luckily for the cat, there are many ways to keep an eye on the weight of the feline, warding off obesity and ensuring they keep in good shape.

You should switch from a free choice" meal plan to a meal time" plan. Cats are normally able to eat any time they choose, as the owners just keep filling their dishes up. If you change this regime and feed your cat at set meal times and with smaller amounts of food this will certainly help the cat to stay in shape. After all, the recommended daily quantity of food for a cat is only one ounce, not the cupful we give them every time they look at us with those feed me eyes.

Cats in general have difficulty digesting carbohydrates. Carbs are present in abundance in dry cat food, which is also full of preservatives, so another measure you can take is to feed your cat a meat based diet. Always look at the ingredients when you are buying cat food. Products which have more flour and sugar than fat and protein should be substituted in favor of a food of the opposite ratio.

Most people are happy to let their cats sleep all day long on their favorite cat furniture or cat tree but this lack of movement is one of the major factors in feline obesity. You should buy some inexpensive cat toys and get down on the floor and play with your cat during day time hours. If you yourself are not in a physical condition to do this, then you could always use a laser pointer which acts as a great substitute. While you remain seated the cat will run around after the light from the pointer but remember to take care not to accidentally shine the light into your cat's eyes.

You clearly love your pet or else you would not have chosen to have one, but you should be aware that by letting your cat be too independent you could be causing more harm than good. However, the good news is that by making a little effort to change the cat's habits, your pet will have a long and healthy life.