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Flea Prevention For Cats Is Simple And Effective, Find Out More

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Fleas and ticks are a real menace to pets, they not only kill the pet slowly, but they also make the pet very ill. It has been seen that pets be it a cat or a dog, is affected by fleas as well ticks especially if they are genetically weak.
Mostly people talk about removing fleas from dogs but even cats are suffer from fleas and well as ticks, so here is a full proof plan that will keep cats from fleas as well as ticks.

Rules for effective flea prevention for cats

Know the enemy

You must know how cat fleas look like, they are wingless insects, and they do not exceed more than a grain in size. They mostly appear in brown or black color. Cat fleas are dangerous as they grow very fast, means from eggs to adult flea. Cat fleas can lay 30 to 50 eggs in a day and they have the capacity of sucking blood from the pet 15 times more their body capacity.

The best way for flea prevention is to inspect the cat every day and keep an eye if you see any such thing on its body. You need to be very alert in locating fleas in cats. The best way for this is to groom the cat every day. Even if you are not combing the cat then at least try to remove its fur and see for the presence of fleas on its fur.

Clean and vacuum everything

The next step for flea prevention for cats is to clean and vacuum everything. Fleas are attached to cats but flea eggs are not attached to cats, they fall down from the cat’s body. More over fleas may breed anywhere, so flea eggs can be anywhere on the sofa, corner of the house, even on your bed and the pet’s bed. Vacuuming and cleaning these places will get rid of even a single trace of flea. Make sure that this step is followed without fail at all cost.

Herbal oil

Cats are very sensitive to small things, they lover comfort and care so therefore do not use chemical laden pesticide on a cat. It will be harmed for sure. Make sure that you choose herbal oil, which will suit the cat at all, cost. You need to do a bit research and find out the best oil for your pet. The best thing about herbal oil is that it is 100% side effect free.

So cleaning, vacuuming, and herbal flea treatment are the best things that will suit your pet. So all the best!