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Choosing The Right Pet. Cat, Dog Or Something Else?

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Choosing to bring a new pet into your home is never an easy fact. It's not all about it's price or type, but also it brings some new responsibilities to you.

First, when you think to get a new pet you think what type it should be. Well, the most common pets are cats and dogs. Some statistics shows that there are approximately 90 million owned cats and 73 million owned dogs just in the United States.

There seems to be more cat than dogs owned as pets. The main reason may be that cats are more easy to take care of than dogs.

But the fact is why you want a pet? For companion, entertainment or protection? If you need protection, of course you will choose a well trained dog as a pet, while, if you need some entertainment you'll choose a cat. You should know until now that cats are the most funny pets.

But there is not only about cats and dogs. You may want an exotic pet like parrots, canaries (if you like to hear them singing),turtles, lizards, and other pets like fish, guinea pigs, hamsters, mice, rabbits, ponies or spiders.

If you want to impress your friends, you may choose an unusual pet like a spider or lizard. These pets must be kept in their own cages and you have to be very careful with them.

There are many places where you can get a pet. If you want a real breed pet, you may choose to buy one, but you'll see that many prices are around $500 to $1600. The easy way to get a pet is to adopt one. You can find them at animal shelters or rescue, or perhaps even a neighbor or friend.

Take care that owning a pet rise some responsibilities for you.

1. You must feed him. There are many pet stores where you can buy food from for your pet,

2. You must care of his health. Take your pet for regular check-ups from your local vet, and ensure you provide the required vaccination for him.

3. Keep a clean, fresh environment for you pet. That's obvious.

4. Take some time for your pet. You must take some time to play or just walk around whit your pet. It's very important for your new pet.