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Hdmi Has Numerous Variations

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We are living in a technological age where people are well aware 1.4 HDMI Matrix is a High Definition Multimedia Interface Cable. It is an ideal partner for connecting HDMI Monitors, A/V Receivers, and HDTV High supporting all HDMI devices including 1.4. Any electronic integration asks for distributing high definition media channel over long distances with fastest speed possible especially when you have a centralized source base. Perhaps use of HD Base T Matrix can simplify the entire process of connecting and transmitting of signals in audio/video form. It supports multiple hoops; count can go up to 8 though you can substitute this system with HDMI. Though it’s a cheaper option if the distance you intend to cover is long.

HDMI Matrix over Cat 5 is quite a cheaper option as compared with normal HDMI cables. Full transmission of 1080p is possible for a distance of up to 50-100 metres under one roof. They work well for domestic requirements, where you have many electronic items and wish to attain better networking options. HDMI Matrix over Cat 6 is an answer to long distance range for high-resolution HD video signals. You experience rich video and audio output at almost the same cost giving maximum resolution support. Installation is easy making it accessible for easy plug and play.

4x4 HDMI Matrix over Cat 5 is a single cable operation methodology giving highest possible resolution and highest grade of audio quality. Unmatched technology makes it possible to route high definition audio/video from any of the four HDMI video sources to any of the four remote displays over standard CAT 5 cable. It can extend transmission of signals up to 30metres at 1080P resolution. Available with built-in Amplifier and Equalizer enabling the splitter to support input HDMI cable length up to 20 meters, output Cat6 cable up to 30 meters. As the name suggests it creates a web of network without a bundle of cabling.

8x8 HDMI Matrix over Cat 5 is just the double of what you get in 4X4. Instead of four you can support eight HDMI video sources to any of the eight remote displays again over the same CAT 5 platform. It’s ideal for business houses looking for high resolution presentations for their HD audio/video distribution over different channels. Allowing same display to be in front of you’re at the same time making possible to view any HDMI source from any output at any time. You gain access and control over many devise from a single click of remote.

All of this is available upon request over the internet. To gain more info logon to any of the website and check various brands before placing the final order. Your gaming console, Blu-ray systems, HDTV, DVD player, home theatre all of it can be now just attached to this one device which has one power inlet. It takes care of your bills as well as an investment which has good long lasting beneficial reaping results. So many manufacturers are available; it often becomes difficult to make your pick from.