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Why Does Cat Health Sneezing Occur

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The problem in cat health sneezing might be the fact that it irritates them and causes them to become cranky. Nose irritation due to an infection might cause this problem or they may have an allergy. Cats may sneeze due to having a herpes viral infection, a bacterial infection or a dental infection or disease. These conditions will cause sneezing and make your cat uncomfortable.

Ear infections can cause sneezing in cats just as it can in people. Along with ear infections, nasal polyps can cause sneezing in cats. Cat health sneezing fights against these polyps by sneezing because it is a defense the cat's body has against these conditions. If the problem appears to be nasal polyps, anesthetization is necessary to correct the problem. Checking your cat's nasal cavity for such polyps will cut down on the ongoing sneezing from the cat.

A cat's health can become poor in the event that sneezing that does not stop. Cats may have allergies, although rare, the causes may be people dander and dust mites. Fungal infections cause sneezing in cats as well as cancer of the nose will cause sneezing. Cat health sneezing problems due to cancer of the nose may be uncontrollable. To determine if the problem is a result of cancer, tests need to be run, such as x-rays, MRI's and endoscope examinations.

Asthma affects cats and dogs and will need treatment in order to prevent any serious problems that may cause death. If you suspect asthma, a vet needs to examine the cat and properly treat the problem. Although it is thought that excessive sneezing in cats may cause heart problems, it has never really been proven.

Cat health sneezing results when foreign objects enter the nose, cause irritation, and well as a tickling affect. Grass or fuzz may enter the nasal passage and cause the cat to sneeze until the object is expelled. If your cat has Rhinotrachitis, it causes sneezing and needs to be treated by a vet with a vaccination. For more info see on Pet Care Cat Hairball.

Treatment of cat health sneezing requires knowing why the cat is sneezing. If it persists longer than a day, it may be something more serious that requires a trip to the vet. If the vet determines the cause is a bacterial infection drugs such as ciprofloxacin or gentamycin might be prescribed. Antifungal medicines are prescribed for fungal infections and viral infections need to have the proper vaccination in order to stop the sneezing.

Overall, there are many reasons why cat's sneeze and the only way to stop the problem sneezing is to find out the exact cause. A trip to the veterinary clinic might prove that the cat has a medical condition or a foreign object in the nasal passage that needs extraction. The cat health sneezing might annoy you the owner, but the cat feels even worst then you do. After a cat stops sneezing, they feel so much better and soon resume a healthy and happy life.