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Cat 2013 Series Part 2: Practice The 5 Types Of Error Corrections In Verbal Ability

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We bring forth the first expert article in this series on preparation, strategy and tips to perform well in Verbal Ability & logical Reasoning section. While the problems in this section can be formed on any topic, this article by Prof S K Agarwal, author and expert in Verbal Area, help you to learn the tips and tricks to solve the questions based on six relatively more important topics in LR namely, Seating arrangements, Team formation, Blood relations, Binary logic, Ranking & Arrangement.
Ten questions of Logical Reasoning that appear in CAT are clubbed with Verbal Ability section. Logical Reasoning alone may award you a credit of 30 marks and may improve your percentile significantly. A good LR score also helps you get away with an average performance in Verbal ability, since the two sections are clubbed together.
If you can hit 7 LR and 14 VA correct you may expect a very good percentile in this section. Ample time is also available to solve these LR problems as you have 70 minutes for 30 questions in this section. The need is to improve your attempts with accuracy.
High percentile with less preparation
Logical Reasoning requires less preparation and the questions in this section are based on the understanding of simple logic prevailing in common life. They can be understood and solved fairly easily, if proper attention is paid to the information given in the problem. With a little logical understanding and following certain tips, one can score high in this section.
Practical tips on how to solve LR questions
Aspirants should remember make use of the following before going to solve the LR problems
The vocabulary used in logical reasoning questions is different from the one used in Verbal Ability hence it is essential to go through the terminology used in LR problems and follow logical rules to solve them. Words like �all� �some�, �none�, �other than�, �only� or �unless� etc. have to be given due care and special attention, since questions will be based on such information.
All the sentences in the question should be carefully read and understood, the clues in the sentences will enable you to find out the relationship between different variables.
There may be multiple conditions and it is expected from the aspirant to logically understand the same. It is very much advisable to get accustomed to use the scratch sheet, so whenever you are doing the LR problems, keep paper and pencil ready with you.
Do not jump to the answer options unless and until you have carefully read the problem and have understood it. Now go for elimination method. When you go through the options please ensure to understand and eliminate the incorrect option. If you are able to pin point the incorrect ones you are the winner. To achieve this, please go through all the given options carefully, don’t skip any of them.
The problem has to be solved on the basis of given information and not on the assumptions. Please therefore, do not assume any formation which is not available in the problems. Only the given facts are supposed to be used.
You must keep in mind that the information you are provided with, will lead to a valid conclusion since it definitely follows but the conclusion which does not definitely follow from the given information will be invalid one. This you have to remember, while solving the questions.
1. Seating Arrangement sets
Questions in Logical Reasoning based on Seating Arrangement sets should be solved by preparing a sketch in mind or preferably, on the paper so that you are able to answer more than one questions comfortably.
Final tips
Although topics on Logical Reasoning cannot be restricted to above nor there is any limitation to what should and what shouldn’t appear in LR section of CAT, captioned topics, if prepared well, will lead an aspirant to a well-placed position. This section can get you a good percentile, if the problems in this part are practiced well by using natural human instincts logically.
Next article in the series will on improving the pace of practice in error corrections.
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