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Top Cat Skiing Destinations In Canada

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For the true powder skiing addict there is no better way to get your fix than to go Cat Skiing, and no better place than Canada - after all we invented it. In 1975 Allan Drury of Selkirk Wilderness Cat Skiing here in the Kootenays took guests up the mountain in a snow cat to experience cat skiing for the first time in the world. He was only beaten by ten years by Hans Gmoser of Canadian Mountain Holidays who did the same thing only with a Helicopter. Over 95% of the world’s cat and heli skiing can be found in Canada and for good reason � there’s enormous amounts of light dry powder with up to 50 feet of snow a year.

The largest concentration of Cat Skiing can be found in the interior Mountains of British Columbia in a Range called the Selkirk Mountains, most people think the Rockies is where all the Catskiing is located but there are only a few operation based in the southern Rocky Mountains due to its Mountain structure, limited snow pack and high alpine trees - which all add up to provide unstable avalanche conditions. There are 14 of 21 Cat Skiing operations located in the Selkirk Mountains - the rest are located in the Coast Mountains of British Columbia with only one other Canadian catskiing operation which is located in of all places - Newfoundland!

With so many CatSkiing operations to choose from in such a close proximity to each other it has provided for a diverse collection of skiing experiences. Each cat Skiing operator offers a very different experience, from the amount of skiable acres, depth of snow pack, elevation of operation and difficulty of terrain. The possibilities are endless.

For the budget conscious skier there are day operations such as K3, Valhalla Powder Cats, Wildhorse and Big Red Cats or for the full high end experience there are lodge based Cat Skiing operations such as Retallack, Baldface, Selkrik Wilderness, White Grizzly, Snow water, Island Lake lodge and more.

Whichever Cat Skiing operation you decide to ski with go with you will be assured of a unique wilderness experience that enables you to ski deep uncrowded powder lines while being assured of your safety thanks to the professional ACMG guides that will take care of you every step of the way. To experience cat skiing you simply need to be a solid intermediate skier with some powder skiing experience and a good healthy sense of adventure.

Since there are so many choices when it comes to catskiing operations it is helpful to have an online resource such as - they take the guess work out of when and where to go cat skiing. At you can research the stats of each operation, view photos and videos, see who currently has the best powder, who has the most economical deals and specials and even request a quote for any or all cat skiing operations to see who best meets your needs and requirements.

So, with all these choices and such an easy way to get the information you need... well, you really have no excuses - get out there and get some bottomless powder lines cat skiing in Canada.