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Choosing A Cat Breed

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Choosing a pet can be a momentous decision; there are space considerations, time commitments, and a general overall dedication to the daily love and care of another living thing. It is not a decision to take lightly. Of course, there is also the equally significant choice between varieties of pets. Pet owners are often split down the middle between dog lovers and cat lovers with owners of both thrown in for spice. Cats may seem like the simpler of the animals from which to choose. But the truth is that there are a variety of cat breeds to explore each of which has its own look and personality.

Each cat breed is something very different from the next. It is important, therefore, that you consider the personality of your family and what cat breed would best integrate into your lifestyle. The biggest difference between each cat breed is generally the level of human contact they need or tolerate. Some cats are perfectly content to stay to themselves and only emerge when they need to be fed. This may be a good choice of cat breed for a busy professional couple with no children. For an active family who wants a participatory pet, however, a cat breed with a more social personality may be a better fit.

When considering a cat breed it is also important to consider their hair length. Long-haired cats require an enormous amount of grooming because of the possibility of mangled, knotted hair an uncomfortable prospect for the cat and an equally aggravating prospect for the owner. A short haired cat breed requires far less grooming and may be a better choice for those owners with minimal time to dedicate.

When researching a particular cat breed, you have a number of different resource options. Chat with other cat owners about their favorite cat breed and the pros and cons of ownership; consult a trusted veterinarian about the temperament of a particular cat breed and how it would fit within your family; and speak with knowledgeable pet store employees about their experiences with each cat breed. Lastly, the Internet holds a vast amount of information on whichever cat breed most interests you.

If you do proper research regarding your cat breed of choice, you will find that you soon have another family member that will bring you a lifetime of love and joy.