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A Cat Sleeping In The Litter Box Could Be A Stress Related Problem

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Experts in cat care are often asked what to do when their cat is sleeping in the litter box. This may be an off-and-on again problem faced by many cat owners. A possible reason for the cat sleeping in the litter box could be that it is intimidated by other cats and feels safe in the litter box. On the other hand, it may also be due to a medical problem which results in the cat urinating outside the litter box, and may require it to be spayed, which should prevent such deviant behavior.

A Complete Veterinarian Checkup Is Called For

It may be necessary to get the cat checked by a veterinarian who can check out a urine analysis as well as perform a general examination. Another possible remedy would be to keep the cat away from other cats and to check whether this helps in solving the problem of the cat sleeping in the litter box. A cat with such a problem may be suffering from traumatic stress disorder and should be praised as well as comforted to make her feel safe and secure and prevent it from taking to deviant behavioral patterns.

Normally, the cat likes to use her litter box, though changes in the cats litter box behavior such as the cat sleeping in the litter box can almost always be traced to medical conditions, stress or a thing that she dislikes about the litter box. It would help to place the litter box in a pleasant location that provides her easy access, and is removed from noisy or high-traffic areas. It should also not be within reach of a dog or a baby. Cats, most notably elderly or handicapped cats, prefer to have more than one litter box.

To get rid of the cat sleeping in the litter box habit, play with her daily and ensure that she has convenient scratching posts for her use. She should be encouraged to sleep in a comfortable place where she may sleep undisturbed, and she should also be given a cat tree to climb as well as a small family of partially hidden catnip mice for her to discover. In other words, it is recommended to accommodate her natural curiosity and to strive for a harmonious household.

It is also necessary to get to know the eating, drinking as well as bathroom habits of the cat so that the cat owner is alert of any changes. In any case, it is necessary that the litter box not be placed close to the cats sleeping and eating areas, though it should be easily accessible.