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Rabbit Hutches For The Popular Rabbit

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Today the popularity of the house rabbit is on the up. However there is still a need for would be owners of pet rabbits to do their homework on which breed they would like and how to care for them properly. At Ideas-4-pets we stock a wide range of rabbit hutches in varying sizes and at affordable prices. We like to think our rabbit hutches are trendy with their traditional and modern designs. You could say we offer modern homes, apartments or high rise flats. Housing a bunny indoors can be exciting however there is a need for plenty of space. The ideal rabbit hutches are the ones that allow plenty of movement with enough height for a rabbit to stand up on his hind legs with ears at full stretch.

A rabbit hutch is different to a dog cage as dogs have pads on their feet and can handle standing on a wire floor. Rabbits do not have that luxury and therefore would hurt themselves. Ideally, a rabbit hutch has plenty of space and a firm floor that can be covered with clean bedding every day. Rabbit hutches or cages should be larger than your bunny and with more than one room for him to run about or hide away if tired of humans. There should be a litter box and rabbit toys to keep him entertained while you are at work.

You may decide to purchase one of our weatherproofed outdoor rabbit hutches. However, it may more feasible to keep your pet indoors during the colder months. Ask the advice of your vet if you are worried about inclement weather. Children that are under the age of ten should handle a pet rabbit while under supervision of an adult. We suggest that children should be taught the correct way to handle a rabbit to avoid accidentally hurting their pet.