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African Grey Parrot: The Rogets Thesaurus On Wings?

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The African Grey parrot has been deemed the best speaker of all the parrots. In fact, the Guinness Book of World records has listed an African Grey parrot named, Prudle as the most talkative parrot world wide. Prudle and other African Grey parrots like her have helped bring light to the amazing abilities and qualities these birds possess. Though it is common knowledge that parrots speak, the African Grey parrot delivers a vocabulary unlike any other parrot and they are not limited to mimicking human speech either. In fact, you may be familiar with one very famous African Grey parrot named Alex. He has been the subject of scientific studies and many television programs and documentaries. As of current testing, it has been determined that Alex has the same mental capacities of a two-year-old child. It is no wonder so many bird fanciers are racing to own African Grey parrots.

It is because of their incredible abilities, intelligence, and personalities that those considering owning an African Grey parrot should be prepared to devote as much time and attention to their new pet as they would a young child. The African Grey parrot requires plenty of stimulation and interaction and will easily bond with its new owner. Many people prefer to buy their African Greys through a breeder. This ensures that the bird is acclimated to human touch and will be more dependent upon their owners. This is especially true if you purchase your African Grey parrot at a young age and hand feed it. It is also important to realize that it is illegal to capture African Grey parrots in the wild and sell them.

If you are going to purchase an African Grey, you should ensure that you would be able to devote plenty of time to him or her and make sure that your pet will not spend its day without adequate stimulation. Since the African Grey parrot has a lifespan of fifty years and more, it is imperative that you realize your new parrot purchase is a lifelong commitment. However, many people who own African Greys readily admit that their pet is a beloved member of their family, and the bond between these amazing birds and their owners is one full of love, happiness, and enjoyment.