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Buy The Right Bird Toys For Your Pet Birds

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Bird toys are probably not amongst the first things, which come to mind when considering what is required in the care of a parrot. However, research has shown that Bird toys are very important for a parrot's development. Choosing the right toys would provide your parrot with a safe and engaging environment to play and exercise in, both when confined in its parrot cage and even when left to roam around the house. However, choosing the incorrect toys can lead to boredom and even worse, injuries or death!

Screaming, biting, charging and feather plucking are a result of a bored bird. This bad behaviour can be suppressed if a parrot is kept engaged and active; especially during the time they’re in their parrot cage. One would expect the owner to let his parrot out of his cage a few times a day and interact with it and play with their toys, so one should think about toys suitable for both the parrot cage and outside.

Bird toys should provide your parrot with multiple functions. It is a good idea that a parrot cage is stocked with different types of toys, which exercise and stimulate your bird's different inquisitive and curious needs. Some parrots like the idea of making noise and would play with different bells and other noise making toys for a long time. Others love chewing all day long and it is essential to provide these birds with Bird toys, which offer breaking and chewing opportunities, or else they might chew on their cage or your furniture when roaming around the house.

Puzzle toys are great at enhancing a bird's problem solving skills. Mixing food with puzzle toys is a very good idea. One would find that birds will often abandon a dish full of treats in order to work one out of a treat puzzle. You'll find that the prizes worked out of puzzles are enjoyed and eaten more fully than food offered in bowls. Other Bird toys, which allow climbing, are good to exercise and keep parrots in good physical shape. One thing in common amongst different toys should be colour - birds love bright and colourful toys!

One should take great care in finding Bird toys made of safe materials. Be careful as toys will not come with a label saying 'Contains lead or arsenic', so one should be careful and inspect before proceeding to the checkout. Preferably one should purchase Bird toys, which are made of safe plastics or organic, although even some wood such as cedar and oak can be dangerous to your parrot. Toy durability is also of concern as in case of breaking down; parrots can choke on small parts. One must make regular checks on the Bird toys state of deterioration, as like all other things, toys don't last forever.

Your parrot needs to be stimulated and have fun with a lot of different toys. Enriching Bird toys provide captive parrots with activities and stimuli, which are similar to those, found in his natural habitat. By copying natural behaviours that promote mental challenge, parrots will be healthier and happier. It should be provided with toys, which won't risk its safety, and in return it would provide with lots of quality time and fun to all the family.