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Pet Rabbit Care Is Even More Important During The Winter Months

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The cold winter months are here for a while and pets will need extra warmth and comfort until spring eventually arrives. This is the right time for owners of pet rabbits to think about stocking up their pet's rabbit food and ensuring they have appropriate shelter and accessories to stay cosy over the cold spells.

Rabbits are hindgut fermenters which means they look to bacteria in their intestines to break up fibre. The result of this process should be a healthy rabbit. Feeding a rabbit lettuce and a few carrots is not enough. Rabbits should eat lettuce and bits of carrots as a treat. Like humans, rabbits require a variety of foods which are balanced, including fibre, protein and fat.

Specially formulated rabbit food in the shape of pellets helps to build up your pet's bones and keep their teeth in very good shape. Pet rabbit care includes advice on giving your rabbit food that is full of vitamins to help them build up their immune system during cold and wet weather. Outside rabbit hutches should be checked to see if they are in good order and not likely to let in the cold wet weather. Eroded rabbit bowls should be replaced with new ones straight away and hutches need cleaning out very regularly too.

Warm living accommodation helps keeps a pet rabbit in good health. If your pet rabbit is too big for his rabbit hutch consider buying a larger one. Advertise your smaller rabbit hutch at your local veterinary surgery or online to help recoup some of the costs. Rabbits need exercise too, so a run is usually a must along with the hutch.

At Ideas-4-Pets we have a variety of pet rabbit supplies and rabbit cages or rabbit hutches to keep your pet warm, dry and well cared for this winter.