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How To Buy A Parrot

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Probably one of the hardest things when buying a parrot is knowing which particular type of breed you are after that would best suit you and your needs. When you buy a parrot you need to remember three important rules. One, check to see whether the parrot has a good personality. Two check to see whether its breastplate is sharp or smooth. Three, look for the ones that are not shedding too many feathers. Why are these rules so important when it comes the time to head down to the local pet shop to buy a parrot?

Checking the personality of each parrot is probably the most important rule out of the three discussed here. Why? Because if you make the wrong choice of bird personality wise, you may end up getting a parrot that is disobedient and loud all the time no matter how much you train it. So what do you need to look for? Look for the parrots with semi strong personalities. These parrots are usually the ones that don't screech all the time but on the other hand, they don't just sit around and isolate themselves. If you but a parrot that fits the semi strong criteria, you are sure to have a lot more fun training your bird.

Checking to see if a parrot's breastplate is sharp or smooth can mean the difference between having a healthy parrot or a unhealthy parrot. A parrot with a sharp breastplate is more prone to diseases later on down the track. They are usually skinnier than parrots with smooth breastplates. So remember to buy a parrot with a smooth breastplate. If you are unsure about where the breastplate is, just get someone from the pet shop to check for you.

Make sure you buy a parrot that doesn't shed too many feathers. The fewer feathers your parrot sheds, the less work you will have to do when it comes the time to clean out its cage. Also having lots of dead feathers lying on the bottom of your parrot's cage can increase the chances of your parrot picking up unwanted and sometimes fatal diseases.

So there it is the three most important things you have to remember for when the time comes to go down to the pet shop and buy a parrot. If you keep these things in mind, you are sure to have many great years with a fabulous pet parrot!