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Why You Should Buy A Puppy Not A Blue And Gold Macaw To Teach Your Kid Responsibility

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Just stop and think it over before you buy your child a Blue And Gold Macaw or any large Macaw for that matter.

Owning a bird such as a Blue And Gold Macaw is a commitment. The commitment will be long term. With all the large Macaws long term commitment means possibly thirty to fifty years and in some cases even a great deal longer.

It is difficult for even a well settled person to commit to such a long term endeavor. Owning a Macaw must be a labor of love because nothing short of that will do the experience justice particularly for the bird.

The large Blue And Gold Macaw is not one that should be used to begin teaching children responsibility. Many well settled adults find the commitment very difficult at times.

If you must. Then buy this large bird for yourself first and foremost. If you are not completely and totally committed to the endeavor and hopefully sparking an interest within your child then do not buy it. A Macaw should not be made a childs responsibility. The responsibility must remain with an adult. Sparking an interest in your child is secondary and hopeful. That you want the relationship most of all is primary.

Having a large Macaw in the home is a huge responsibility. These birds require the expenditure of a great deal of time and work. Not just cleaning and feeding either.

The Blue And Gold Macaw is an attention hog. He needs every moment you can afford him. He needs to be the center of your attention. Blue And Gold Macaws in particular are known to be very demanding when it comes to social time.

On average no less than 3 hours a day should be spent interacting with Macaw parrots. Truthfully you cannot give a Macaw to much of your time. It just isn't possible to do. Time to commit to a Macaw is not something most children, teenagers or even many young unsettled adults have to give.

Ideally a Blue And Gold Macaw becomes part of the family. Macaws really need to feel they are. Each person would hopefully be sharing in the responsibilities, cleaning, feeding, and socializing. Each person caring enough to learn about and to bond with the bird.

All pet Macaws should be handled daily and as much as is possible. They crave it they need it. By teaching a child through interaction with a Macaw. Its possible one day they may own a Macaw of their own.

Buying a Blue And Gold or other Macaw for a child and trying to make the bird the childs or even a teenagers responsibility I don't believe should be done. It isn't fair to the child or the bird.

Children, kids just have to much going on in their lives to provide the commitment required by a Macaw. Just growing up is almost all they can handle. They have school, friends, sports, school activities, homework, dating and that list goes on and on.

Even young adults finished with school, working and with a family may find it difficult to commit fully to a Macaw. The commitment is second only to a spouse or child.

There is a correct time and a incorrect time to take on the care of a large Macaw. Childhood and young adulthood for the very most people would just not be that time.The very nature of the Blue And Gold Macaw himself demands those who wish to make the commitment be more settled in life.

Not having the proper time or commitment defeats the entire purpose of owning one of these magnificent birds. The time people spend interacting with a Macaw is what makes Macaws worth the lifetime of commitment.

No other animal can provide so much for so long. They make puppies for those unable or unwilling to make such a huge investment of their time.