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Partridge Chantecler Chickens

2016/5/3 8:27:28

History of the Partridge Chantecler

Originally called the Albertan

Partridge Chantecler Cockeral The Partridge Chantecler is an APA (American Poultry Association) approved breed and was developed by  Dr J E Wilkinson of Edmonton Alberta in the 1940's.  The partridge Chantecler was originally proposed as the 'Partridge Albertan' but was put in with the White Chanteclers (a composite of 5 different base breeds) and quite different to the partridge.   The Chantecler breed was selected for personality and character, and roosters are quite vigilant when it comes to announcing visitors!

The three most common colours of Chantecler are the original White Chantecler (developed in 1910 in Quebec), the Partridge and the Buff Chanteclers.    The buff colour is not recognised by the APA, though the White Chantecler is.

The Partridge Chantecler composite breed composed of the following heritage breeds

  1. Rosecomb Brown Leghorn
  2. Dark Cornish
  3. Partridge Wyandotte
  4. Partridge Cochin

The Chantecler breed was thought extinct in 1979 but small flock owners has preserved it.  They are  a worthy breed to have in your barn!  Beautiful and productive!

Partridge Chantecler - Hardy Rare Heritage Chicken Breed

Best Qualities of the Partridge Chantecler Chickens

Dual Purpose Productive

Partridge Chantecler chickens are excellent layers in the winter with hens usually laying 75% to 90% of the days.  They have Rose combed leghorn in them to boost the lay rate.  The Dark Cornish genes they posses means they are a tasty breed for meat, with ample breast meat, though not the biggest or fastest growing. Partridge Chanteclers go broody fairly regularly and are excellent mothers, making breeding and perpetuating the heritage flock easy and effortless.

    Cold-Hardy Free Ranging Chickens

    Partridge Chantecler Hen just after her chicks were fledged

    The breed was developed with tiny wattles and a small cushion comb like a small pad to resist frostbite.   Partridge Cochin ancestry has given them thick down to insulate and lowers feed costs as less food is used to keep warm in the depths of winter.  The Partridge Chantecler is beautifully marked and well camouflaged for free ranging.  Partridge Chanteclers are active foragers all day and often the last to roost.

      Partridge Chantecler Chicken Breed

      Partridge Chanteclers Temperament

      Temperament of Chantaclers varies quite a lot with source, breeder and strain. Friendliness varies tremendously, some will some up for attention, others won't approach. Calmness varies and some lines of Partridge Chantceler are more flighty in confinement. Roosters, cockerals, pullets and hens can be just as friendly as each other. The hens may peck when egg collecting if broody, many don't.  Hens can be more prone to sparring and are usually higher on the pecking order.

        Preserving the Partridge Chantecler Rare heritage Chicken Breed

        Partridge Chanteclers are beautiful, gorgeous,

        Flock of Partridge Chanteclers enjoying a treathardy, vigorous heritage chickens.  They are a great addition to any backyard  flock and worthy of preserving for future generations to enjoy.  

        Partridge Chanteclers are an excellent dual purpose breed and kept as single breed in a flock would meet the needs of any smallholder.  The meat is delicious, the breed is hardy and economical to keep due to the downy and tight feathering insulating the birds in winter, and the excellent egg production soon covers the cost of feed.

        Consider this breed when choosing your heritage chickens, and you'll see it is ranked well in the "Top 10 Favourite Rare Heritage Chicken Breeds and Why!"  list.

        Our Partridge Chantecler hen with chicks

        Partridge Chanteclers make great mothers