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How to Build a Simple Bird Trap?

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How to Build a Simple Bird Trap?

How to Build a Simple Bird Trap?. Sometimes pet birds get lost when you move them or change their cage, and oftentimes the breed of bird is not suitable to survive in the environment they are lost in. Luckily, there is a simple, easy way to get your bird back. Most importantly, you can make a simple bird trap quickly so you don't lose precious time retrieving your pet.

This trapping technique can also be used to humanely trap and relocate an overpopulation of pest birds.

Things Needed

  • Large bird cage
  • 20-foot piece of thread
  • 1-inch-diameter stick
  • Dinner plate
  • Bird seed
  • Blanket

Step 1

Place your bird cage outside in an open area. Place it on its side so that the cage door lifts up to open and swings down to close.

Step 2

Find a large, thick and study stick that is at least 1 inch in diameter and tie a 20-foot piece of thick string to the end of it.

Step 3

Use the stick to prop the door of the cage wide open.

Step 4

Cover the dinner plate entirely in the bird's favorite seed to entice it into the cage.

Step 5

Set the dinner plate 1 or 2 feet in front of the entrance of the cage. Wait for the bird to notice the food. If the bird is still in the general vicinity, it will eventually search for food and notice its favorite seed lying out.

Step 6

Move the plate of seed to the mouth of the cage after the bird has noticed the food, eaten from it and left. Make sure the plate is still full of the seed. Wait again for the bird to return to the food. This time, the bird will hardly notice the cage.

Step 7

Move the plate of food to the inside of the bird cage once the bird has left it for a second time. Wait got the bird to visit the plate a third time. Be vigilant about checking the seed often from a safe distance to see if your bird is visiting it.

Step 8

Pull the thread quickly to release the stick and drop the cage door once your bird is inside of the cage. Your bird will probably be frightened, so throw a blanket over the cage to calm it down while you transport it.


  • Do not worry if other birds go into your trap before your bird. If your bird notices other birds in the trap, your bird might be more likely to feel it is a safe place to get food.


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