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Bringing Your Rescued Parrot Home: Figuring What You Need in a Bird Cage And Bird Toys

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Friends call you a hermit because you stay in your apartment so much. You have a computer programming business you run from home. You can't be out and about much, or your business would go under. You enjoy watching the news as you eat dinner, and the story about parrots in need of rescuing got you thinking. It would be nice to have someone to talk to from day to day. And you do like the idea of helping an animal in need. But you want to give your parrot a good home. You want to do right by the parrot, and not give him or her a hard time like the previous owners did. And the first thing you need to decide on is a bird cage.

Finding the right bird cage is important because that is going be your bird's house. Look for the biggest cage you can afford and that will fit well in your apartment. Birds are happier when they have some room to fly around in their cage. Looking for a metal bird cage is important because that is the easiest to clean. Look for wires that appear to be in very good shape. You don't want your bird to be in danger of cutting itself on the cage. You also don't want wires that could allow your bird to get its head in between them. Parrots prefer square as opposed to round bird cages, so they can snuggle in a corner at night while they sleep.

Do you know that birds are among the more intelligent animals, and are prone to get bored? It is also a fact that bored birds pick up bad habits such as nipping or screeching. That's why bird toys are so important. bird toys do not have to be expensive. In fact, you can use household items such as cardboard rolls for frayed plastic milk jugs. Parrots also like rattles and other baby toys. There are bird puzzles on the market. The bird puzzles that work best have ways to find food. You will want to look for toys, which are toxic, free and do not have small parts the parrots could choke on.

Five or six toys is a good number to keep in your bird cage at a time. And make sure to rotate them out as another way to help your parrot not get bored. Even with bird toys, you will want to get your parrot out and play with it several times a day. It helps you and your bird bond. Look for toys that you and your parrot can play with together. Some rescue parrots have been in really bad situations and will need your help to recover.

Getting a rescue parrot should be no problem for you, and will help the bird out as well. So go buy a good bird cage, and get some bird toys today.