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Building Chicken Coops From Recyclables

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If you are planning to raise chickens in the long run or just testing the waters to see if you could actually make poultry raising a livelihood, one item on your priority list should include building a reliable and efficient chicken coop.

Though there are many commercially made chicken coops being sold in the market, building chicken coops is still the more practical option than spending top dollar for ready-made ones. Building chicken coops could be very challenging particularly for beginners but very rewarding as well. Once you have chosen a chicken coop plan, it is now time to scout for the materials and supplies to be used for the construction.


Do no dash yet to the nearest hardware store. You don't know how much resources you may find in your very own backyard. So, here are useful suggestions on getting quality second-hand resources for building a chicken coop. To be able to build a comfortable haven for your birds, you will be needing good lumber for framing, planks of wood, mesh wire for ventilation purposes, and a handful other construction tools like nails, hammer, and hinge and bracket. When you look for materials to use in building your coop, you should study the design carefully. Make sure you have the right dimensions and measurements. Understand the plan well to ensure that you know what you are doing. Since this is purely woodwork, you'll need lots and lots of wood.

Check your backyard or shed for used lumber and wood. Choose ones with dimensions larger and longer than the size indicated in the plan. You might need to sand and shape them to fit the specifications so, in the actual procedure, they will become smaller than when you first found them. If you do not have enough wood at hand, you may want to enlist the help of your neighbors. Perhaps some of them had previously constructed a tool shed or recently had a home renovation done and they have unused scraps lying around their yards.

Use the opportunity to significantly cut on costs and develop amicable relationships with them on the side. If you have exhausted the freest resources and you still need some more supplies, this is the time to purchase. Buying at second-hand shops is the convenient choice, for more often than not, these shops provide good quality used wood. Just clean the articles properly, remove old nails, and you're good to go. In building chicken coops, you only really need a few things and the practical know-how to accomplish the task. Building chicken coops from recyclables is a great way to compliment your chosen coop plan and budget.