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I Received an Email From a Bird Lover, Whos Bird Suddenly Died.

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I received an email from a bird lover, who's bird suddenly died. This is how I pictured their life changing day eventuated. Their 15 year old African Grey Congo bird was sitting happily whistling on his perch in his bird cage. As the day went on they started to prepare dinner. His owners put a roast into a Teflon non stick roasting dish, eagerly waiting for the roast to be cooked. Unaware as to the devastation that this would cause their whole family went about their normal daily routines.The smell of the roast meat cooking soon filled the kitchen and the rest of the house, a smell we are all familiar with. Very mouth watering to say the least. They then prepared the vegetables to compliment the roast meal, looking forward to a healthy dinner.It wasn't long, about 2 hours before they noticed that their cherished pet bird had passed away. Unknowingly they had poisoned their beloved family pet bird. How devastating. If only we could take back time, a saying that may people can relate to in many different situations.


The toxins from the non stick pans are extremely deadly to birds. Birds are far more sensitive than many to this deadly poison.The owners not only had to bury their wonderful pet bird and console their children, but also had to deal with the guilt of them unknowingly poisoning their family pet. It was a very heart wrenching lesson that these bird owners had to learn. Imagine having to bury that precious bird.Most people, including myself are so unaware that this can happen and it can happen so quickly, when you least expect it. Yes, toxins kill birds. Not only is it that Teflon and non stick cookware can kill a bird, you must keep all poisonous sprays and perfumes well away from them. In fact, wouldn't it be best to keep anything that is not organic away from them, just as you would do for your children.There are also many toys for birds that are available today that are just as toxic, some contain metal toxins. They may not kill a bird in a couple of hours but they will take years off your pet's life. You really have to check out what these toys or play equipment are made from before you give them to your bird to play with.

There are many toys on the market today that are safe for your bird, you need to check them out thoroughly before you buy them and introduce them to your pet bird, whether your bird is an African Grey, Quaker Parrot, Budgerigar, Parrot, Parakeet, Cockatiel, Canary etc. No one wants to go through the painful, heartache that this family went through.We can always replace a bird, pet, animal etc with another, but it will never take the place of the one that passed away and who wants to lessen any living life.Please don't learn the hard way, keep all toxic products away from your birds, in fact keep them away from any pet that you have.I thank the bird lover that sent this email, it would have been a very difficult email to write, but hopefully it will save many a bird's life. It has totally opened my eyes.