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Pet Travel Goes Fashionably Portable

28 12:14:17
Our pets are pampered like never before. From gourmet food to medical insurance, we treat our pets like members of the family. Many of us like to share our personal tastes with our precious pets. Moreover, like members of the family we love to take them along on trips long and short.

New and stylish ways to tote our friends to the store or down the bike path are popping up everywhere. High end designers are getting into the act with luxurious accessories and travel wear that includes coats, booties and even house slippers.

One of my favorite products is the pet stroller. Very similar to the strollers designed for human infants and toddlers, pet strollers are available for animals of up to seventy five pounds. With sunscreen covers and mesh windows for ventilation, your canine companion is tethered in the stroller, safe and secure. The first time I saw of these strollers on the street, I thought the occupant was a child and was I surprised. It turned out that the riders were two beagle puppies both fast asleep while their human did some window shopping.

With health conscious baby boomers spending more time outdoors, jogging lanes and bike paths have become a staple in many communities. Again taking a page from products designed for babies and young children, the pet industry has jumped on the band wagon.

A popular option for joggers who want to take their pets along for the ride are doggie joggers. The dog joggers look every bit like the jogging strollers for human kids. Like the walking strollers for pets, they are enclosed, with plenty of ventilation keeping your pet safely inside. Yes, there are strollers for cats and other pets too.

Bicycle riders are not left out when it comes to transporting furry friends. Tow behind strollers let pet owners get their exercise while their pet rides safely along in the rear. For those bikers who prefer to let their pets ride in front, handlebar baskets are a great choice. A throwback to when bicycles served as a primary means of transportation, the pet basket mounts of the handlebars. Some models are plain while others are padded affairs with halters that keep your pet safely inside while they go along for the ride.

Toy dog breeds are gaining in popularity and many owners appreciate their small size. It is not uncommon to see owners carrying their companions around town. An alternative to carrying your pet are carry totes designed especially for animals. Ranging from the stylish and chic to the practical, there are front packs, tote bags and backpacks. The totes I have looked at all appear to be designed with your pets comfort in mind.

For the rich and famous among us, designer pet totes sometimes rival the most stylish handbags. Pampered pooches from Manhattan to Hollywood can be seen in Gucci and Louis Vuitton bags. For those owners who prefer that their pet pal walk along, there are even designer bags that the dog can wear as an accessory. Designer bags for your Bichon and totes for your terrier can be had for a price.

Even pet leashes have gone high end. Owners who are not satisfied with just any old leash can find unique and on of a kind tethers. Fashionable leashes are widely available with many sporting vibrant decorator colors. Custom made leashes may reflect a favorite theme and some are encrusted with costume jewelry. Just add a matching collar and your pet can make the scene sporting bling that is fit for a four legged king or queen.