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Bird Feed Manufacturers - Availing Best Available Bird Feeder Plans

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Going through the website of reputed bird feed manufacturers can help the person to know several things on bird feeders and to attract birds to the home, to make bird watching more interesting and educative.

Planning the bird feeder

While planning the bird feeder, it is quite necessary for the person to understand the birds' feed habits. It would be great to construct a bird feeder that is based on the type of bird. Five different kinds of bird feeders are present to help excellent bird watching.

Tray feeder

This type comprises of a platform, where the seeds are spread. The tray could be placed on any table that allows the birds to use for feeding. By putting the tray on the pole top, it is possible to keep away the unwanted animals, who otherwise, would eat the bird seeds. These feeders could be either simple or complex and created to look such as log cabins, southern mansions or a replica of the person's home. This type does serve a huge variety of birds. Moreover, provisions for draining rain water would help the seed from getting spoiled.

Hopper feeder


It is a commonly available feeder type. They are known to have minimum one wall slanted along with a narrow opening present at the bottom for allowing seeds to be dropped onto the tray or platform. Both the sides could be on one vertical side or an angle. The bottom that holds seeds need to have a hole to drain the rain water. The roof also needs to be removable, which would help the person to clean and refill the feeder.

Tube feeder

These are narrow, long and have various holes in them for feeding the birds. Small dowels could be kept surrounding the feeding holes, so that the birds can perch themselves comfortably to eat. Or a small ledge can be placed near the hole, or to use a solid copper wire heavy gauge piece wrapped on every side of the feeder to allow all the birds to feed together. Tube feeders might drop the seed similar like hopper to the tray or platform. Here, the tube has smaller openings, surrounding the base, which would let the seed to drop to the larger bottom. The feeders would allow drainage for rain water.

Suet feeder

They are cage-like structure having animal fat kept inside. Wire mesh of another type also could be used for holding animal fat. The hole size would determine the bird size to be allowed inside to feed. This bird feeder type is quite suited during cold weather, as the fat present would supply the required nourishment to the birds during winter.

Hummingbird feeder

As humming birds require liquid diets, these types of feeders are used to store nectars. Yellow and red can be used for attracting the birds.