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Collapsible Dog Crates And Other Pet Carriers For Air Travel

2016/5/3 13:56:16

Collapsible Dog Crates And Other Pet Carriers for Air Travel

Taking your dog along with you on vacation can be quite challenging but not impossible. If you are planning to travel within the country via airplane, you might be pleasantly surprised at how simple the process can be. Once you have your travel dates and itinerary ready, call up all potential airlines that you are considering travelling with to discuss their in flight pet travel rules and regulations. Each airline will have differing rules, charges, surcharges and restrictions. Once you are clear on the rules and restrictions, you will need to purchase an airline pet carrier for your journey.

There are different types of travel carriers and crates that are available online and in stores. Choosing one can be quite a task considering there are so many requirements that need to be considered in order to pick the correct one. The size of the pet, the duration of the journey and the structure of the carrier are integral to what kind of carrier you should ultimately opt for.

Here are some basic tips to help you choose the right pet carrier.

• Measure your dog from the tip of the nose to the base of the tail. Then measure his/her height. This will give you a fair idea of how big a crate or carrier you need to purchase.

• Another thing to keep in mind is the amount of room your dog will have to move inside the carrier. While space is not a crucial factor if you are selecting a carrier for puppies, it is imperative that you choose carriers for large dogs with utmost care. Your dog needs to have more than enough to space to be able to turn around inside the carrier.

• In case of smaller pets, collapsible dog crates might be a better option. These crates are lightweight and can even accommodate a pair of puppies inside.

• Check with the airline whether your dog will be travelling in the airline cabin with you or in the cargo hold. The required size and materials of the carrier will differ in each situation.

• Make sure that you choose an airline pet carrier as they are designed and manufactured to meet all prescribed standards of dog crates and are certified for use in an airplane.

The best advantage of a plastic dog crate is that most of them are airline approved.

Plastic crates provide better padding that helps your dog maintain its body heat, which is especially important for puppies and short haired dogs.

They are used as indoor pet beds and can be used to restrict your dog to a particular space while you are busy.