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Agility Training For A Jack Russell Terrier

2016/5/4 10:23:04

Jack Russell terriers are high in energy and need lots of physical activity to stay happy and calm. Jack Russells are agile dogs, having been bred to chase foxes and badgers out of their dens. They are fast runners and good at jumping. Agility trials take place over a field of obstacles, such as tunnels, teeter-totters, and lines of upright poles, narrow walks, hoops, and other fun toys.

Before beginning agility jack russell training, check with your veterinarian. Be sure your dog has no back problems or other health problems that could be exacerbated by exercise.

Dogs respond to enthusiasm, so when you are about to begin dog training say, "Agility", or "Let's play, " with a happy, enthusiastic-sounding voice. Say the same thing every time, and your Jack Russell Terrier will be assured that you are about to have fun. Take your Jack Russell to an obstacle such as a pile of wood or a hurdle and say, "Jump, " while throwing a toy or treat over the obstacle. When your dog jumps over the obstacle, praise him or her and repeat the exercise a few times, until your dog appears to be getting tired of it, then run or find some other play that your dog enjoys. Put a tunnel onto the ground or hold up a hoop and say, "Through. " Throw the toy or treat through and allow your Jack Russell to follow it. When he or she has learned both commands, combine them for a more challenging game.

Agility trials with leashes are available for owners who do not have easy access to obstacle courses. Before being taken to agility training, Jack Russells must have some basic dog training. Although beginners are allowed to use a leash, points will be taken off if owners pull and tug their dogs into place, so the dog should know the basic commands. Teach your Jack Russell to sit, stay, come, and heel before you begin agility jack russell training. Two levels of agility trials are open to beginners. Novice is the lower level, and advanced is for dogs that have had some success in trials but still need leashes to keep them focused. After your Jack Russell has had some experience on obstacle courses with the lead, he or she will be able to run the course without the lead, with you running by his or her side. This will make for fun and exercise for both of you, and help to bond you with your friend.

If you want your pet to be obedient then jack russell training is only the option. Search online for various jack russell training tips.