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Concerns About Feeding Wild Birds

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Many bird lovers find that it’s a good idea to add-on their gardens with bird food. During severe weather conditions this could be life saving for a bird. Not only does this benefit the bird but also the humans living inside the house. The presence of beautiful birds provides constant entertainment for the human inhabitants. The biggest questions many people have with regard to feeding birds are: When? Where? What? Why?

Winter is the right time to feed the birds because by this time insects are not flying anymore and the excess of autumn fruits have gone. Birds will always appreciate a consistent food source during severe weather conditions. It is advisable for northern areas to begin feeding before the cold weather starts so that the birds have enough time to find their source of food. Birds find it more difficult to find window feeders than to find hanging feeders. So if you want to be found sooner as a bird feeder, try hanging the food on the top of a feeder hanger.

Birds love food and nectar and wild bird seed and you can continue feeding them throughout the year. But if you want to stop, the best time would be once winter is over and spring breaks through because by then a dependable supply of insects and other wild bird food exists for them to feed on.

Different kinds of birds have different eating habits. Some species prefer hanging food or a peanut dispenser. Remember to hang your food really high so that other animals like cats are not able to reach for it. A rose bush might be ideal as greenflies and caterpillars cannot get to that spot. Also make sure not to expose the food too much or a sparrow hawk might get hold of it. Placing food near a birds nest is a bad idea as this will take their attention away from nesting. Some birds like to eat food from the ground. So your lawn would be the ideal spot. Remember to keep it away from cats and don’t put too much out there.

Nuts, seeds, and other high energy foods is what birds love to feed on. Soaked bread or leftovers like cooked rice or cake is fine. But birds don’t like spicy and salty food and also food that has gone bad.

Ever thought of keeping a pet? Feeding it, bathing it, playing with it and looking after it like your own child? It is quite fun and children are often fond of this pet keeping activity as it proves to be a great companion to you. Sometimes we make such strong bonds with our pets that when we have to let them go one day, it seems like a loved one has passed away. But which animal would you want as a pet? Maybe you like a rabbit, or a cat, or a bird, or even a dog. How are you going to select one out of those?

Every animal is not right for every person. There are many things to consider before you adopt a pet. For example, who is willing to take up the responsibility of being the primary caregiver for the animal? Mice and hamsters are perfect pets for kids. Because they are small in size, their cage does not require too much space. They sleep throughout the day and are more active during the night. Though rats have a bad reputation, they can also be great pets and need to be handled carefully. However, they need more space than just a cage.