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Are You A New Cockatiel Owner Interested In Cockatiel

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Training or having trouble with a pet bird that has developed bad behaviors? Having a pet of any kind can be a big responsibility and it is necessary to train a pet to become comfortable in a human environment. Bird training can be very similar to training a dog or other pet but they are more active and may need much more attention. Many people with birds do understand they need a high level of training, especially birds that talk. Birds unlike dogs are not comfortable by nature around humans and can be very skeptical as well as intuitively anxious. Keeping several factors of your bird’s environment healthy and active can greatly assist in Cockatiel Training.

Family Introduction in Cockatiel Training

The key to Cockatiel Training is when introducing a bird to a new environment and household can be stressful. In any, case all members of the family or household need to be comfortable with their new bird and available to follow a set training standard. This will include other pets as well as children. In the first few stages of family introduction and it is apparent that the key training person ensure that the bird is comfortable and will not bite other members of the household before introduction. Small children and those fearful of birds should be limited in handling to simple touching or petting while someone is in control of the bird. It is also very important that the bird be not left to wonder freely until training habits are well established if the bird performs properly. This is a key to Cockatiel Training.

Small children and other house pets can raise a bird’s anxiety when Cockatiel Training because of noise and excessive action, running, throwing stuff, yelling and crying or barking. It will be a good training exercise to create a quite zone for your bird in which everyone knows to be quite and respectful of the bird’s space. It is also important to make sure that there are set feeding rules, and certain treats available. You do not want your children feeding your bird potato chips while you are gone at work and creating bad behaviors by not following set training guidelines. They do not have to be extremely strict but treat giving should be limited in the beginning to only training sessions to help keep your bird focused and its expectations constructed.

As important the Cockatiel Training factors in the beginning be followed it is also key that there are certain disciplines that are also followed. One should never scream at or strike a bird, as it will cause possible irreversible damage in the trust of your bird and emotional discomfort. When introducing a bird to a large household with other members, even roommates it is key that all are comfortable with the arrangement. If a bird exhibits discomfort when an owner is away it is necessary for others to comfort or remove themselves from the bird. Depending on the birds reaction to other members and daily activities it will warrant the type of training and behavior concerns one should address. Like all pets or people, when Cockatiel Training your bird will have a variety of personalities even within a like species and will react differently to several situations. One bird may thrive in a young busy environment while another may become very stressed.

Bonding will Help in Cockatiel Training

A key to Cockatiel Training is once a bird has been introduced and is now a part of the household it is important to bond with your new family member. Birds are very social and will crave attention and contact daily. It is very healthy to talk to your bird constantly, touch, and interact. If one is going to be gone or the house is left empty for periods of tie a day it can also be a healthy measure to provide some entertainment to help your bird fight boredom. Like small children they will look for mischief if left unattended for too long. Leaving a television or radio to play will help comfort a bored bird. In addition, one can take toys and hide healthy treats inside toys and hide them in vary places. When Cockatiel Training a bird is a natural forager and giving them a daily activity or chore is very helpful in stimulating and keeping your bird active.