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Your Pretty Parrot Deserves A Prettier Parrot Cage

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Those who are not happy with the available sizes can easily make a parrot cage at home also. It is good to make a cage colorful, though you should make sure that no toxic paint is used in the making of the cage, whether it is made of wood or metal. When it comes to the question of beauty alone, parrots may have a couple of competitors like peacocks and pheasants with their brilliant plumes. But when you add its speaking skills also to its beauty, no other bird is a match to a parrot as a perfect pet. What such a perfect pet needs is a parrot cage as perfect as it.

Some of the issues that have to be considered while buying a parrot cage are its size, weight, bar size, and bar spacing. Cage size dimensions will be expressed as width x depth x height. A cage that is shown to have a size of 40" x 30" x 63" will be a 40" x 30" rectangle with a height of 63". The height that is shown could be the total height including the stand, and if the inner height is not shown separately, it should be enquired. For example, a parrot cage of 63" height may have an inner height of only 40" to 45".

Bar spacing is also important in all cages. The space between two bars should not be big enough to let the parrot squeeze its head out through the gap and get stuck there. As far as bar thickness is concerned, the thinner the bars are, the better. Thinner bars will allow more light and wind into the parrot cage, and will also make the cage lighter.

The above given dimensions are that of a comparatively big parrot cage. However, there are no size limitations for a bird's cage because the more it can fly, the happier a bird will be. Readymade cages of too large sizes may not be available, but making a parrot cage of larger size cannot be a difficult job for DIY enthusiasts. The bottom frame can be made of either wood or metal and the remaining portion can be made of wire mesh. Steel will make a better bottom and those who use wood has to ensure that the wood has not been chemically treated.

The problem with larger cages is that it is difficult to move them around. So, those who prefer to shift their parrot cage now and then cannot go in for too large ones. Readymade ones are available in all sizes and will be available with wheels for rolling them around, or hooks for hanging them. Whether homemade or readymade, it should be checked that cages do not have on them toxic paint that can harm the bird.

A parrot cage must have perches of different levels to keep the bird active. Every cage that you buy from the market will have them, but they can be occasionally changed or new things added to stimulate the bird. Colorful tassels and ribbons, especially those that match the bird's color, can be hung around a cage to make it an eyeful. A parrot cage may have a flat, or a dome shaped or conical roof. Aesthetics will have to play an important part in choosing the right one, but you should also make sure that there is no space wastage inside.